In the field of the dimensional control of the products, we make precise serial measurement like testing of the diameters of different openings, measurements of the holes depth, detection of the threads, detection of different surface injuries.

These machines are used instead of the manual control of products, thus eliminating the possible human error. Specially at the repeating serial tasks the human error is very usual the root cause for the mistakes in the production process.


Dimensional control of the parts, is based on the incremental encoder feed-back, combined by the high sensitive LVDT sensor technology. In special cases we also use the artificial vision systems made by laser scanners or 3D cameras.

Machine vision systems are used in the assembly and supervisory systems. The bar code printed on the part is recognized and thus the status of the part on the previous operation detected. Based on this information the control system of the machine decide whether to continue with the operation or not. In the field of machine vision we are cooperating with the experienced partners.

We have developed our own testing heads for different serial measurements.

The hardware being used

Well-recognized equipment is built into our systems, like Keyence, Cognex, etc.